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  • Hatter Peak
    Trip date: June 17-18, 2022 Moving time: 14hr Distance: 34km Elevation gain: 2000m The third weekend of June didn’t have a great weather forecast, but I was itching to get up a peak. Preferably an obscure one with an interesting approach. Not only was the forecast mediocre, but heavy precipitation the week before meant thatContinue reading “Hatter Peak”
  • Association Peak and End Mountain
    Trip date: May 22, 2022 Duration: 8hr Distance: 29km Elevation gain: 1700m As front-range summits, Association Peak and End Mountain are good shoulder-season objectives. But the access from the Yamnuska trailhead was closed last year due to trail construction, so I set it aside. Then the trail was closed again earlier this spring for erosionContinue reading “Association Peak and End Mountain”
  • Mistaya Mountain
    Trip date: April 30, 2022 Duration: 11hr Distance: 34.5km Elevation gain: 1850m The last week of April was a stressful one. After writing two final exams on Wednesday and Thursday, I “moved” to Canmore on Friday morning (aka threw all my stuff in a pile and made no effort to unpack) before getting absolutely demolishedContinue reading “Mistaya Mountain”
  • Turquoise (Hector Lake) Peak
    Trip date: April 24, 2022 Duration: 8:30 Distance: 30km Elevation gain: 1050m Within a few days of summitting The Preacher, Vern was planning another trip across Hector Lake to bag “Hector Lake Peak”, which we had passed on the way. Personally, I didn’t mind the long lake crossing that much, but I really wasn’t expectingContinue reading “Turquoise (Hector Lake) Peak”
  • The Diamond
    Trip date: April 18, 2022 Duration: 6hrs Distance: 15.5km Elevation gain: 900m After a fun two days of skiing, it was time to switch back to hiking and scrambling on Monday. Never mind that it was just a little bit snowier in the front ranges than it had been the weekend before… I tagged alongContinue reading “The Diamond”

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I’m Sara Mclean and I like to play in the Canadian Rockies! Scrambling, running, and hiking are my main things but I am learning how to climb and ski so that I can play all year round in all the places.

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